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Photography at the Farm

We love having people out for family or senior photos!

How it works:

  • To ensure everything stays organized, we encourage you work with a photographer who will schedule session blocks with us.
  • Your photographer will schedule the required session block(s) with us to make sure the time is exclusive to you through either full-sessions or mini-sessions.
  • If you choose to take photos on your own, please be courteous to others and not linger too long at any particular location, obstructing other guests from enjoying their experience. Do not interfere with any professional photography sessions occurring.
  • During our regular season, if we are charging admission, you and your party will be required to purchase admission for the farm.

Preferred Photographers:

Haddon Photography
(989) 339-1998

Capture by Cassie
(989) 418-8691

Lauren Elaine Photography
(989) 513-7907

We love having photographers out with their clients!

How it works:

  • Photographers must book their session block based on the availability of days and times within the Book Your Session form.
  • Each photography session block is 4 hours (10–2 and 2–6). That allows time for a single, full-session or several, mini-sessions—your choice. This time will be exclusive to you, we will not double-book.
  • A session block costs $75 and must be paid at the time of booking. During the regular season, the guests (those who are in the photos) will be required to pay the admission fee.
  • Our goal is to help you, help us. So, we will refer those who are not photographers to a photographer who has booked a session block. We will also, if desired, create and co-host a Facebook event to spread the word about your session(s) to our fan-base.

Feel free to reach out to ben@thewildpumpkin with general or time slot availability questions.

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