Photography at the Farm

Taking Photos at the Farm

We love having people out for family or senior photos. If you are looking to take photos yourself of your family, we fully encourage your creativity! If you are looking to hire a photographer, please send them a link to this page and they can help get a session booked using the Photographer Info. below.

A couple rules:

  • Please do not spend too much time at a particular location in a way that may prevent other guests in experiencing the farm.
  • If hiring a photographer, your photographer will be required to book a dedicated session with us. This is to ensure fairness with any other photographers. If a session is not booked, the photographer will not be allowed to continue with the shoot.

Photographer Info.

We love having photographers out with their clients! Session are available every day August 21–October 29, 2022, unless already booked.

How it works:

  • Photographers must book their session block(s) by clicking on the Book Your Session button. We will confirm sessions once booked.
  • Each photography session block is 1 hour and 45 minutes. You have the option to stack or selection multiple sessions. This time will be exclusive to you, we will not double-book.
  • A session block costs $50 and must be paid to secure. We will send an invoice for the amount due. During days when the farm is open to the public, the photographer, assistants, and clients will be required to pay admission to the farm. Admission cannot be pre-paid.
  • Our goal is to help you, help us. So, we will refer those who are not photographers to a photographer who has booked a session block. We will also, if desired, create and co-host a Facebook event to spread the word about your session(s) to our fan-base.
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